In May-July 2012, activists from Animal Liberation ACT & NSW installed cameras and documented cruelty in Wally’s Piggery NSW, just a short drive from Canb

The piggery was found to be in breach of many state laws; additionally, the farm was in complete filth and disrepair, with many piglets and sows suffering injuries or death due to beatings by employees, the crumbling structure, and a high prevalence of disease. 
Sows showed signs of distress and malnourishment including chewing on the metal bars of their tiny stalls in which they are unable to turn around (and some, due to their size and injuries, have difficulty standing up). Dead piglets had been left in the stalls with their mothers for so long they had started to decompose.

The owner kills pigs in the on-site slaughter room by beating them multiple times with a sledgehammer (no captive bolt or stun gun was used, nor were any found on the property), or shooting the larger pigs, then hacking at their throats, and leaving to casually talk to his employees while the pigs slowly die from blood loss. Some take upwards of six minutes from the first hit before they stop screaming and thrashing. 
Please sign and share, 

i’m sorry this is really upsetting but it’s impossible to ignore 


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