[img: a black and white photocopy. black page with white rectangle with the following handwritten: “We live in a society that teaches DON’T GET RAPED instead of DON’T RAPE.”]

can we please work on getting to a place where this can stop being so true?

went to a gig tonight – a band called whiskey and speed. i really enjoyed their show at the stepp in on halloween so i thought yeh i’ll go out and see em again, fantastic.


lead singer says “this next song is about rape!”. people laugh and go woo. he begins to sing, describing a young girl with bleached blonde hair who goes out or some shit (not sure of exact lyrics, it was a punk show, whatever) and the chorus goes “and you wonder why you got RAPED! and you wonder why you got RAPED!”. i felt sick to my stomach. sat through another song so fucking shocked and disgusted. even worse that they have a woman in the band + women in the room and nobody fucking said boo. like this is normal. 

i left so angry and shook up. maaan.


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