All right, Queer As Folk, let me just get aaaall up in yo’ grillz about your “research”. I’m sure someone probably googled pierced nipples before ya’ll bunged it in your script. Well, in 2001… I dunno, maybe you read an encyclopedia or something. But, speaking as a teenager with a pierced nipple, I can honestly tell you that if Justin had had his nipple pierced earlier that day, he would not be cruising at Woody’s. He’d be at home, crying, hating his own stupidity (I’m sure you can find some of my blog posts where I do just that). Secondly, if Brian had twisted it, he probably would have just dropped from the pain. I caught mine on my thumb when I was getting changed and pulled it, and I had to lie down on the floor, on my front, putting my entire body weight on my nipple for about five minutes to get rid of the pain (that was earlier this week, and mine’s been done since April). FURTHERMORE, watching this makes me feel sick because I imagine if someone had pulled mine the day I got it done and asdfghjklkjhgfdsasdfghjkllkjhgfdsa. That is all.

basically you are a wuss. i got both done & was out the whole day. my eyes watered & that was it. god i’m tough & amazing. sigh.


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